Product Strength

Our commitment to providing high-quality products, delivering high standard customer services is not just our slogan, but also become to our staff’s inherent spirit and attitude to handle cases with our customers.


Applying the same standards as making kitchen cabinets creates exceptional strength and durability for our custom-made cabinets. Considering a stone benchtop for your cabinets but worried about the pressure? Not a problem. The high standard jointing can prevent side panels from being pulled away from the back.

2.Strong Joinery Structure

All our cabinets’ carcasses are made of HMR board, which minimizes the risk of swelling and other moisture damage. Strong joinery structure is always one of our main focuses. Thanks to the HMR carcass, not only a high level of water resistance is added to our cabinets to again the high moisture environment, but also increase extra strength.

3.Strong Cabinet Back

A 16mm solid back of the carcass significantly increases stability for our cabinets and boosts the convenience of mounting and installing. The 3mm paper-lined MDF back is NEVER on our list.

4.HMR And MDF Board

All our boards are from responsible and certified suppliers - Laminex and Polytech, and they are eco-friendly and are certified as E0. The edging for our woodgrain cabinets, which is from the same supplier, is strong ABS with matching grain to meet the requirements of color matching and durable service.
We offer great varieties for the finishes and colors of MDF board, either from Laminex and Polytech (melamine finish) or from Dulux (polyurethane finish).
2 Pac paint (polyurethane finish) is processed locally to support the local business and to meet the style, quality, and time-efficient requirements.

5.Soft Close Mechanisms

High-standard fittings applied on our cabinets, such as Blum and Harn, are fully adjustable and offer a long life span. All fittings included build in soft-close mechanisms. We never use cheap product series with additional soft close damper. 

6. Stone Benchtop and Basins

Our various selections of stone benchtops and basins offer great varieties to meet different tastes.